The recipe has been the same for generations, elaborated from high quality products and remains obviously secret.

This typically handcrafted cake, with its caramelized dress and soft heart, flavored with vanilla and a hint of rum, is cooked in a "Cannelé" copper mold.

Although the exact recipe remains secret, the basic ingredients of the canelé are flour, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and rum.
The raw materials used are selected with great care.

Canelé contains no additives, preservatives or added gelatine. It does not appreciate the refrigerator and lasts 1-2 days at room temperature and protected from moisture.

It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and can be accompanied by a multitude of drinks. A canelé fits perfectly with a good cup of coffee, a cup of tea. But it also fits perfectly with a glass of champagne, a glass of dry white wine or a Cognac.

Another nice side of canelés is versatility. They can be served for breakfast or dinner and as an appetizer or dessert. 

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