Canelé DEJEAN is a Maison founded by Franck Dejean, native of Toulouse, located in the South-West of France.

"I graduated with a Master's Degree in wine and spirits business in Bordeaux, where I became a connoisseur of the legendary pastry of the city. During my stay in the world wine capital, I learned and experienced the many gustative pleasures that the region has to offer : great wines, Cognac, oysters and Canelé.


It is for this last one that I had a real crush. Between the courses and the tastings, I refined my recipe and especially, the technique of cooking which gives the pastry this unique crunchy.

Finally, it was the simplicity and the authenticity that attracted me to this noble product. No change in the recipe for centuries and high quality ingredients. Looking for excellence with the least possible transformations.

When I moved to Copenhagen, I did not find any canelé, which pushed me to produce my own. Little by little, I naturally wanted to make discover this pastry to more Danish, always very happy and curious to taste a new French culinary product."

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