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The canelé is one of Bordeaux's culinary specialties.

It is a traditional sweet delicacy with a baked caramelized crust and soft custardy heart. It is shaped like a small striated cylinder.

The name comes from the Gascon "Canelat" in reference to the shape of its copper mold.

We decline this specialty of Bordeaux in three sizes:

- Petit (3.5 cm in diameter)

- Moyen (4.0 cm in diameter)

- Grand (5.0 cm in diameter)

"One thing on my top five or ten list is Canelé. Crispy caramelized cake. Beautiful. Egg yolks, butter and sugar. That’s what I love. It’s magical in all its simplicity to get that flavor out of those ingredients." Claus Meyer, Co-founder of Noma (Copenhagen) in Forbes Magazine. 


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