The canelé is a Bordeaux tradition that belongs to the culinary heritage of Aquitaine. Its history is linked to Bordeaux, its port and its wine.

Its origins go back to the 16th century. In fact, it is completely linked to the history of Bordeaux wine. An important step in winemaking is called "collage" (sticking).


It consists of filtering the wine olding in oak barrel with traditionally egg white. This expensive process is still used by the most famous Châteaux bordelais.

Likewise, for the history of the ingredients, this cake is directly derived from the port activity of Bordeaux. Bordeaux was one of the principal ports of the triangular trade.

Vanilla, cane sugar and rum arrived by boat from the Caribbean islands.
The egg yolk is a by-product of the wine activity of the Chartrons district (famous district of the wine merchants). 

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